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EM Conductivity

Magnetic Susceptibility

Gravity is our bread and butter! Currently, we offer Scintrex CG-6 gravity meters for rental with or without operators.


We have been in the gravity meter business for over 25 years. Our staff knows the CG-6 inside and out as well has it's predecessors the CG-5 and CG-3/3M. Prior to CG-6s, we carried CG-5s in our rental pool and before that we carried CG-3s.


Our staff has operated gravity meters in all corners of the world in a wide range of environments. We have also built a network of contacts.

We know a solution for every problem that you can experience with a gravity meter. 

Click here for specifications of the CG-6!


EM Conductivity a new passion! We offer the CMD Mini-Explorer and CMD Explorer by GF Instruments for rental. Both instruments are available with or without an operator. We have been renting EM conductivity instruments for over 5 years.

Both probes measure 3 depth ranges simultaneously, allowing for EM inversion. 

In our 5 years, we have seen a wide range of applications including walking, towing via tracker, ATV and snowmobile and most interesting drone trial with our CMD Mini-Explorer. 

Click here for specifications of the CMD Mini-Explorer and CMD Explorer!

Why Rent From Us

  • After-hour pick-up/drop-off: Staff is available for after hour pick up and drop off. This includes weekends and holidays. 

  • After-hour support: Our staff is available for after hours emergency technical support. This also includes weekends and holidays. 

  • Rental Preparation/No prep fees: There are no preparation or packing fees for any of our rentals.

  • Our Storage Procedure: All of our instruments are stored appropriately in accordance with guidelines set by the manufacturer including monthly testing and calibration.

  • Rates: Rentals are available for daily, weekly and monthly rates. 

  • Rental Packages: Rental packages for multiple pieces are available. 

  • Back ups of back ups: We carry extra batteries, tripods, cables and all accessories in case of an emergency so production is not delayed by something small. 

We offer the SM-20 magnetic susceptibility meters by GF Instruments for rental. This instrument allows for quick and easy measurements of magnetic susceptibility of rocks and cores. 

Click here for specifications of the SM-20 Magnetic Susceptibility Meter!

Borehole Cameras

We offer a Heavy-Duty system with a Nano Camera from Allegheny Instruments capability of going to a depth of 300 m or 1000 feet. The Nano Camera is 2.5 cm in diameter and can squeeze into the smallest of bores or water wells.

Click here for specifications of the Nano Camera!

Other Rentals

We also offer a number of older instruments including: a PRG Scintillation Radiameter by GF Instruments and a Scintrex MP-3 Magnetometer. 

We offer support accessories for our fleet of gravity meters and EM conductivity meters. For gravity, we

offer spare factory tripods and attachable long-legged tripods for readings where the terrain is more delicate. We offer the CG-6 tablet with Scintrex's Lynx LG software for monitoring, control and simple data processing. For CMD support, we offer spare control units with an internal GPS system. 


We offer a number of to support our rentals and applications above we offer various simple devices including: GNSS systems (NavCom), hand held GPSs (Garmin) as well as satellite communication devices (Zoleo and Garmin). 

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