Instrument Rentals

In addition to sales, we maintain a pool of rental instruments and equipment to meet your needs. When our rental units are not in the field they are being rigorously tested and maintained to ensure their performance is excellent. Our instruments are available for daily and monthly rates. Bundle packages to include: accessories, instrument training and operators are available as well. Sample data from all of our instruments is available should you request prior to rental to ensure instrument condition. Should you have any questions regarding pricing, rental agreements and instrument specification please feel free to contact us an any time. 

Borehole Camera Rentals


Nano Camera

Electromagnetic Rentals


CMD Mini-Explorer

CMD Explorer

Gravimetry Rentals


CG-5 Autograv Gravimeter

CG-6 Autograv Gravimeter

Gamma Ray Spectrometer Rentals


Scintillation Radiameter PGR

Miscellaneous Rentals


Navcom GNSS system

Blue Whale Processing software

Garmin Handheld GPS

Geodetic Tripods

GPS/GNSS poles

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