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Rental Catalogue

Why Rent From Us

  • After-hour pick-up/drop-off: Staff is available for after hour pick up and drop off. This includes weekends and holidays. 

  • After-hour support: Our staff is available for after hours emergency technical support. This also includes weekends and holidays. 

  • Rental Preparation/No prep fees: All of our instruments are tested and calibrated prior to mobilization and after demobilization. There are no preparation or packing fees for any of our rentals.

  • Our Storage Procedure: All of our instruments are stored appropriately in accordance with guidelines set by the manufacturer. Our storage procedures also includes monthly testing and calibration if the instrument has not been used for a lengthy period of time.

  • Rates: Rentals are available for daily, weekly and monthly rates. 

  • Rental Packages: Rental packages for multiple pieces are available. 

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