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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy statement demonstrates Zebra Earth Sciences Inc.’s commitment to protecting the privacy of its prospective clients and partners, existing clients and partners and website visitors alike. This statement represents Zebra Earth Sciences Inc.’s respect for website visitor privacy and protection, Canada's Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, 2000 and other similar privacy laws throughout the world. Zebra Earth Sciences Inc. is dedicated in maintaining its due diligence privacy protection and the protection of clients, partners and website visitors alike. 

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are defined as small text files that identify and individual’s computer and computer browser when accessing a website. Cookies allow sites to track a browser’s movements throughout the site.


We may store cookies regarding information of your visit to our site. The type of information we collect as a result of cookies is specific to your electric device that is used to visit our website. This information include: IP address, the date/time of your visit, the type of electronic device that was used, what portions of our website was visited and whether the web pages requested were successfully delivered. This information is anonymous and represents a computer rather than a person.

How We Use Cookies?

We are able to read these cookies for information purposes and specifically use them with Google Analytics and decipher information regarding website use and type of use.


We use cookie information to gain knowledge and to improve our website operation so it can operate on at an optimal level. Cookies allow us to consider different aspects of our website and the various links, pages, buttons and other features that our website offers as well as how they operate. Lastly, cookies also allow use to enhance our website to provide you with an informative, enjoyable and innovative experience. 

How We Use Cookies?

Should one have any question on anything regarding to this private policy, they should be directed to contacting us at:


Zebra Earth Sciences Inc.

22 Tumbleweed Rd.

Toronto, ON


M2J 2N3

+1 416 490 6558


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