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GFI releases LG-1 Galileo Land Gravity Meter

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Zebra ES is proud to announce that GF Instruments have officially released a new gravity meter. Known as a LG-1 Galileo, this meter is equipped with a fully quartz core, has a resolution of 0.1 µGal, a greater than 5 µGal repeatability and built in corrections. For full list of specifications, please access the link below. Should you have any questions or the need for clarifications please feel free to contact us at any time through our email

Where to see the LG-1 in 2020

For those interested in seeing this gravity meter, it will be on display at the number of events throughout the year including PDAC 2020 and SAGEEP 2020 in March and the 2nd GFI Workshop April 2020 among other events. For a full list of events please visit or

During PDAC, the see the LG-1 please visit us at the booth of GF Instruments (#6018N). Private demonstrations are also available but they need to be arranged in advance either through Zebra ES or GFI. To arrange a demonstration please contact us at

Where to find LG-1 Galileo case studies

Please stay tuned for more information regarding case studies completed with LG-1 as they will be available in the coming days prior to PDAC. Should you be interested in seeing sample data, please email


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