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Zebra acquires electromagnetic conductivity systems for rental!

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

We have proudly added electromagnetic conductivity systems to our rental pool. Our CMD-Explorer and CMD-Mini Explorer (produced by GF Instruments) are now available for rental both in Canada and internationally. We also offer demonstration and training services of these and any instrument in the CMD/GF family. Please contact us for pricing and a copy of our rental agreement.

Common Specifications of the CMD family include:

- Measured quantities: Apparent conductivity in mS/m & In-phase ratio in ppt (magnetic susceptibility)

- Measuring ranges: Apparent conductivity: 1000 mS/m, resolution 0.1 mS/m and In-phase ratio: ±80 ppt, resolution 10 ppm.

- Measurement accuracy: ±4% at 50 mS/m.

- Temperature stability: lower than 0.1 mS/m /°C (at slow temp. changes).

- Maximum sampling rate: 10 Hz.

- Full and half depth range (vertical and horizontal orientation of dipoles).

- Operating temperature: -10 °C to +50 °C.

CMD - Mini Explorer Specifications:

- measures 3 simultaneous depth ranges High/Low: 0.5m/0.25m, 1m/0.5m and 1.8m/ 0.9m

- working weight: 2.0kg

- distance to center of dipole: 0.32m, 0.71m and 1.18m

CMD - Mini Explorer Specifications:

- measures 3 simultaneous depth ranges High/Low 2.2m/1.1m, 4.2m/ 2.1m and 6.7m/3.3m

- working weight: 8.0kg

- distance to center of dipole: 1.48m, 2.82m and 4.49m

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